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I was asked to create a large version of a handmade card which consisted of a small kimono pieced together with tiny strips of paper. The completed piece was to be approximately 11 X 14 with the kimono in red.

I created the first kimono (below on the right) with the idea of mixing mediums. I mixed fabric and paper, but the end result was more yellow than red. I tried balancing the piece by adding dragon flies. After a trip to Impressions in Fresno, CA., and much inspiration from Kat Runge, I returned home to the project with greater enthusiasm.

My next attempt (below on the left) resulted after my discussion with Kat.  I completed the kimonos with paper only (the background circle has some fabric). I used white and red paper only. I then gold leafed, beaded, stamped, embossed, and painted. Next the paper was cut very thin strips and pieced together to form the kimono. The final projects were framed in 20 X 26 shadow box frames.


Kimono - mixed medium, fabric and paper.

Kimono - embossed, beaded, and gold leafed. Red paper kimono - detail.

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