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It is so nice to receive a card from family or friends. I utilize e-mail daily, but getting a card in the mail is thrilling. The thought that someone went to the extra effort to put something in "snail mail", just makes me feel very special.

Rubber stamps make creating greeting cards easy, but you can use colored pencils, gel pens, torn paper, pictures, paper punches, dye cuts, ribbon, fabric, and of course, beads, just about anything you want.

With the expense of cards today making greeting cards is not only fun, but money saving. It can also be a fun project to do with a child. I helped a young neighbor create a card for a special event, his comment, "I could let you do it, but I think it means more if it comes from my hands." 

You can buy envelopes for your handmade cards at a local stationary store and some craft stores now have templates so that you make your own envelopes.



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