My inspiration comes from talented women I have met over the years; artist and businesswomen who took time out to share their ideas with me:

In Marin County, California, Attic Archives in Corte Madera, is the place to go for supplies, inspiration, education, and to "chill".  I could go on and on about Donna Garrett's store, but I'm partial. 

Attic Archives


A great store in Fresno, California, Impressions is owned and managed by Kat Runge.  If you stop by the store you can always count on coming away with lots of ideas!  


In Clovis, California Pocketful of Treasures has a great variety of scrapbook supplies and two stores.  The Fresno store is located at 3620 W. Shaw and Clovis store is at 393 W. Shaw.

While in Sonoma County take a scenic drive west along Pepper Road, in Petaluma, and you will find Graham's Country Crafts nestled in the hills.  A little out of the way, but what a beautiful drive and a fun place.  The store is a converted barn and as their business card states: "A country barn full of crafts."  You can email them at  Check it out:

Graham's Country Crafts




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