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Scrapbooks are important, in part, because they celebrate who we are. Assembling them causes us to pay attention to the successes, the joys, and the victories of life.

-Souzzann Y.H. Carroll


In the picture below, left page, I used square punches to cut out metallic copper paper and a natural colored paper. After gluing the squares together I added the sticker letters for the first letter in each word, W for wine and T for tasting. I also included a bunch of grapes (sticker).

The middle page has an example of dry embossing. The metallic copper oval was dry embossed with the word "memories", which is one of my favorite stencils. I sometimes use paint daubers to stencil the image onto paper. On the same page is a white circle with the name of a restaurant where we had lunch. I saved a napkin with the logo, scanned the image into my computer and printed on plain white archive paper.

The last page (far right) I used punched paper to decorate the page. There are a variety of leaf punches, I take advantage of using these at crop affairs. In the far corner is a bunch of grapes made with punched circles, swirls, and leaves.

However you decorate your pages I hope you catch the ordinary moments in your life.


Leaf punches Grape punch art  Dry Embossing
Leat Punches

Grape punch art

Dry Embossing


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