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Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.

-Oscar Wilde


Adding embellishment to the pages can be lots of fun, be careful not to over power your pictures. Below are some examples of using dye cuts and stickers. 

The lady in the tub is actually a rubber stamped image on scrap paper cut into a circle (left page). I then brushed the stamp pad along the edge of the circle, glued it to the page and placed a sticker over the bottom edge.  Yes, we are in disguise!

I enjoy dwelling over pictures from special events and will take extra time to prepare detailed pages. That is what happened with the wine bottle dye cut, below, center page. I used an embossing tool (the round edge metal tool) to transfer the outline of the bottles from a drawing onto dark colored card stock. I then drew in labels and tops. I used gold metallic pens along with left over gold leaf to decorate the bottles.  I labeled the bottles with the wineries we visited.

The last page (far right) uses vellum dye cuts and squiggle marks to add decoration to a page, sometimes less is more.

My sisters and I get together once a year and our annual wine tasting is special to us. I spent extra time on the pages, but as Oscar Wilde is quoted, I carry my diary in my head.


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