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I have completed numerous scrapbooks, memory books, photo albums over the years.  Featured below are pages from a retirement album.

Mom_title_pg.jpg (56424 bytes)

The journaling below the picture reads:
I don't have to
I don't want to
You can't make me
I'm retired!

The dye cut was made with a printed vellum over pearl card stock.


The invitation to the party was done with a greeting card software.  The picture was scanned in and added to the card.

Save a copy of invitations, menus, any mementos.  Even if they can't be scanned in take a picture to add to your page.


invitation.jpg (46747 bytes)
Kissing_cousins.jpg (48934 bytes) This page and the page below are incomplete, do you know what is missing? These pages should have information:  Who, what, where, when! The information has since been added to both pages. The picture above was permanently mounted to the page as I have a copy on CD and can reproduce when I choose.
The picture of mother and daughters was given to me and mounted in a temporary setting.  Since I do not have a negative I wanted the flexibility of taking the picture out when needed.  Mom_daughters.jpg (52937 bytes)

I wanted a more sophisticated look for this album and choose to limit colors to black and pearl.  By coincidence several people wore red, a powerful color, so I used only a little red as accent.   Stickers used were from me & my BIG ideas© Heritage series and Kay & Co©.  The punch is from Emagination Crafts Inc.© 


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