Vacation in Cancun

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cancun_titlepg.jpg (85471 bytes) I used line stickers and added my own lettering - along with Mexican sombreros for the Title page.  I reduced the image and made several copies, cut out the words and used as medallions throughout the album.  I used the same technique for the "Cancun" medallion, below.


bluepg_1.jpg (77351 bytes)

We used lines and curves to guide the eye.

bluepg_2.jpg (101592 bytes)

Stamps and stickers finished the page.

border_go_girl.jpg (71918 bytes) The outside border of this page was made by stamping and embossing the purses on red cardstock.  The purses are actually one stamp (Ducks in a Row by Joan Farber), I just cut them out to use as singles.
Tolum_pg1.jpg (138193 bytes)  

Abstract cutouts and asymmetrical layouts were used throughout the album.

Tolum_pg2.jpg (102848 bytes)  

Colorful line stickers and a stamp made for easy construction and quick work.

The sunburst corners were my daughter's idea.  She used scrap paper for the red corners cut to a point, a large sunburst punch provided the points, then she slipped it over the corner of her photo.  I think the corners suit her photo well. corners_sunburst.jpg (71456 bytes)
cancun_cover.jpg (116760 bytes)

The album cover...

I collaged layer over layer of tissue paper on the cover of the album, finished with some mulberry paper, and added my lettering.

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