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Polymer clay is a joy to work with.  I find it therapeutic kneading the hard cold clay to a smooth warm mound to mold any way I choose.   It is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. And, adding wire and beads is like icing on the cake.

Adding beads to clay pieces requires some planning. I use different size wire on my projects so I spend a little more time to ensure the holes are sized appropriately.  But, sometimes a little glue works just fine.


Mexican Box
Mexican Box.jpg (54492 bytes) Mexican Box Side_1.jpg (56435 bytes) Mexican Box Open_1.jpg (68101 bytes)
Little Green Box with a Heart
Green Box Top.jpg (9587 bytes) Green_Box_Front_1.jpg (22952 bytes) Green Box Open_2.jpg (32500 bytes)
Dragonfly Box
Dragonfly Box Front_1.jpg (32384 bytes)

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