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While searching for an original gift for my sisters during the holiday season, I remembered the story of my grandmother who decorated her holiday table for dinner before the traditional Christmas mass.

Living in a region to the south of the Chiapas in Mexico, my grandmother's belongings were meager, and all she had to decorate her table were some candles and an empty champagne bottle, but to do so she had to break open the top of the bottle.  When the candle was lit, it reflected off the broken glass in the bottle and lit up the whole table.  To complete the centerpiece, she placed her wedding bracelet around the wine bottle, and thus wine jewelry was born into the family. 

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Recalling the story of her family from the past to create a gift for my family of the present, I created an original champagne ornament to decorate the bottle of champagne that my sisters traditionally serve a toast to on a holiday eve, and Champornament© was born.

Handcrafted out of metal and glass, and strewn with crystals, each ornament is an original craft piece.  Champornament© will brighten any occasion.

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