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Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art.

-Garson Kanin



Some would call the gift a shrine, others call it a spirit house, call it what you like. This was given to my little sister as a gift to celebrate her birth, successes, accomplishments, and the beautiful, generous woman she has become!

Beads and charms were used in the box and as a final detail wire and beads were used on the outside of the box as well. 

I painted plain white paper with soft colors of the desert and Southwest, as a reminder of a New Mexico trip. I added my own script along with rubber stamps. The alter and cross symbolize her strength of faith. The animals represent her interest and care for all the animals, both on land and sea. The sun represents a giving spirit and the hand her generosity.

I also included pictures of her youth as a reminder of her journey in this life. Also included are icons representing our heritage as well as icons representing her special interests, from Star Trek, good wine, and Mexican folk art. This was a real joy to make!



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